Monday, January 12, 2015

NECA'S "Fiend" / Crimson Ghost Action Figures

Fans of the old serial from 1946 (and also fans of The Misfits) might be interested in this new posable 8" action figure / doll from Neca of the iconic skull-faced villain The Crimson Ghost. Comes in two versions, the black and white "Fiend" style like I bought (see my pix below), and also a "Crimson" caped version-- click HERE to see it! It's a cool figure, but I have to say everything about the production feels a bit bare bones for the price, and combined with the sloppy paint job on the teeth, plus the ho hum backing board (front and back) design, I almost passed on it. It comes with an extra hand to hold the candelabra, --but unfortunately no death ray! Still a must have for a fan like me, he's super fun to pose and menace your other toys with!

(Photos by Mr. Karswell)


JMR777 said...

Well, look on the bright side, Karswell, now that it is yours you can modify and customize it to your black heart's content. With a bit of modeling paint and a bit of a touch up here and there the fiend can have blood dripping from his fingers and teeth, a little glow in the dark paint and his ghastly grin can haunt your action figures in the dark. etc.

Sometimes when I get dealt a bad hand from a purchase, I will mope for a day or two and then try to make the most of it, or try to improve my purchase to suit my tastes and needs. I won't let disappointment sour my mood for long.

Like they say, when life gives you lemons, put it in a squirt gun and spray it in the werewolf's eyes (they hate that worse than silver bullets.)

Karswell said...

I did a little home dental work on him and already he looks 99% better... I still want a death ray for him tho

Karswell said...

Also noticed on Trick or Treat Studios website today that later this year they're releasing an official Crimson Ghost Halloween mask too