Sunday, October 27, 2013

HAUNTED HORROR #7 / Wings of Death!

HAUNTED HORROR #7 is in stores now --I would've reported this earlier in the week but I was out of the country! Anyway, I'm back and as usual here's a preview story from the new ish to kick you in the ass, as well as Mr. Karswell's die-larious intro which is of course just as much fun for me to write as it is to pick out stories for each and every goddamned issue! Oh, what's that? You didn't know that did you? Yes, each issue of HAUNTED HORROR is guaranteed 100% DAMNED by God himself! And hey, don't forget about the big IDW / Yoe Books contest giveaway as mentioned in our last post HERE-- you still have time to enter at all fellow participating sites and blogs so do it NOW and win yourself a stack of awesome pre code horrors!!!


Mestiere said...

Ahhh, that guy's face on the cover is exploding! Wait, are those a gear an a bolt jumping out of his face? So he's a robot, too! How disturbing!

I assume that Warren wrestled Joe Arnold for the gun on page five. To tell you the truth I initially thought that Warren had been killed, since they don't show the gun when it goes off, nor any wrestling.

Those birds sure took their time getting their revenge. I guess we needed to see what a bad guy Warren was. "This ring, that's all I'm taking, Gloria! I'm not a thief! You know you were going to give it to me anyway!" Nice rationalizing after he killed her. He should have gotten killed just for that.

Nice story with a satisfying ending.

Brian Barnes said...

I'm more than willing to believe birds have a hive mind with a king bird and can wait years for revenge than I'm willing to believe somebody would jilt hot, rich, lounging in tight pants and sexy choker Gloria.

Now that's just one bridge to far!

Grant said...

I agree with Brian Barnes. Unless a character is an all-out "swinger," how could he leave someone like Gloria in the first place?