Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ultimate Cure / Measure of the Monster

We're still spinnin' out the tales of spooky sorcery at THOIA-- as well as over at my other blog HERE -- so are you too cool to handle the terrors of BOTH issues of Chilling Adventures in Sorcery (as told by Sabrina?!) This was a frighteningly fun but super short lived Archies spin-off series of pre/post code inspired horror tales concerning mad science, monsters, and the supernatural, featuring cool 'n clean, funny illustrations by Dan DeCarlo and Stan Goldberg, plus inks from John D'Agostino and Rudy Lapick... I really wish there were more than 2 issues! And for what essentially seems to be a comic geared towards younger readers, some of these tales have wonderfully grim, downbeat endings. So read on, today we have half of the stories from the October 1972 issue of Chilling Adventures in Sorcery As Told By Sabrina #2, and when you're done here head on over to AEET by clicking HERE for the other half! I'll have issue #1 in our next post!


Mr. Cavin said...

My, these really are good. I super duper dig the dark and dramatic werewolf story. That splash is magnificent. Can't wait to read issue number one.

Mestiere said...

"His face-- his hands-- his whole tortured body seemed to control itself into something repulsive-- obscene". Don't you mean "contort"?

PHWOOOM! Nice sound effect. It stands to reason that a monster would burn differently than the rest of us.

"It's a good thing see's spared the memory of the pitiful, blackened thing that was found in the ruins-- her husband-to-be!" Should you be saying that in front of her?

I wonder why professor Wingate wanted to create giant insects in the first place. Since they increased in mass without eating he might have been able to solve world hunger applying his invention to plants. I guess he is just a mad scientist.

To me the most soul-shriveling horror in an Archie comic were any of those Spire Christian Comics. It turns out that, between panels, everybody in Riverdale was really, really into Jesus.

Brian Barnes said...

Everything you've ever posted has something good about it, but I'd struggle to find something here. It's a bold experiment, for sure, but the DeCarlo-model art is just one step to many.

I was holding on until Page 5, panel 1, and the stars for slamming open the door just lost me.

DeCarlo is an incredible artist and his good girl work is excellent, but his talents weren't of much use here. Being unable to draw fire wasn't helping!

Of course, I'm a bitter adult so I can see these working well for younger children.

Pappy said...

I'm trying to think of why I missed this issue, when I bought #1 off the stands...I think this issue is better than #1.

Anyway, I'm with Cavin, love that werewolf story.

Karswell said...

I remember reading these at the barber shop when I was a kid, the guy had a seriously awesome selection of comics in the waiting area. These were my actual introduction to Archie's comics, and I've been hooked on them ever since-- and especially on Sabrina!

Mr. Nick said...

you have created a very wonderfull blog! nice job! could you please post some issues of a very good comic series from gold key titled twilight zone!i remember the stories was scary and always had a twisted end! i hope you can manage to find them! they were published in the 60's till the midle 70's i think! congrats again for your blog!

michael said...

Mr.nick your post brings back memories. i was a great fan of twilight zone comics especially the period of 70's.each story was a wonderfull journey to the dimension of horror. it would be good to see some of them again.