Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade (KICKSTARTER)

David Blake Lucarelli writes in to let us know there is currently a KICKSTARTER under way for The Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade, a new 4-issue mini series comic inspired by the true life events of The Gorbal's Vampire legend from Scotland. This may ring some bells with long time THOIA followers as this half century old+ urban legend from Glasgow is hauntingly tied to a precode horror tale we've featured here twice already (and now a third time for you newbies!) If you're unfamiliar with the legend, click this link HERE for full backstory from the BBC, then click HERE for more info about the new Kickstarter comic project and how to help. And below (again) is an encore presentation of Hy Fleischman's bloodsuckin classic-- The Vampire with the Iron Teeth, from the December 1953 issue of Dark Mysteries #15. Best of luck to David and company with this project!


Mestiere said...

The wife of the American minister? Must be a religious minister. The first U.S. consulate was founded in Liverpool in 1790 —the year this story takes place— but the guy would have been a consul, not a "minister".

People have English names, like Horton, but then that village was named Hatlo, a Norwegian name. Of course, I'm positive that the name comes from Jimmy Hatlo, American cartoonist and creator of Little Iodine.

Wouldn't iron teeth rust?

Liz D-M said...

I could swear that Horton looked like Vincent Price.

Tom Stein said...

Where did the cover for Haunted Horror #5 first appear?

Karswell said...

Mister Mystery #8-- in fact I have a story from that very issue coming up next!