Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ultimate Destiny / Unknown Presence

IDW / Yoe Books latest excursion into the four color realm of Golden era pre-code horror is in stores today-- it's HAUNTED HORROR #1, co-edited by Craig Yoe, Clizia, and meeee... we hope you all rush out today and buy multiple copies for yourself and all your friends and family. And if you're still on the fence about buying it (really?!), we have a handful of stories from issue #1 kindly posted from other fellow bloggers (see links below), PLUS reviews and more to wet your werewhistles... AND even more to be added as the day goes on, so keep checking back. And keeping with the double feature theme here at THOIA this month, I have the Jay Disbrow mind melter from HH#1 for you today (visually enhanced for the HH#1 issue too, by the way), as well as another story (not featured in HH#1) illustrated by Jay from the May 1952 issue of Blue Bolt Weird Tales #113. So yeah, we wanna hear from you-- let us know what you think of HAUNTED HORROR! And thanks again to all our great friends who helped promote HH#1 today all across the Webbosphere of Fear:

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little lupe's porn star said...

that last panel in the ultimate destiny story looks like something dc comics would of done in the 1970's horror era. fun stuff looks like a great book thank you for posting.

Mestiere said...

Great fun. The first story starts almost like a William Castle gimmick. "Don't read this story or you will go crazy!" Johnathan might have been bald and sick but on panel five of the second page we see he was also really built.

In the second story we learn the dead can be bigger than the living like some Japanese ghosts. And lightning can dissipate them.

Very entertaining.

Brian Barnes said...

Sadly, my comic shop didn't have HH#1, so I have it on order, so no review (yet). I was really looking forward to it today!

So I skipped the first story, the second was pretty fun, though obvious. I like how the guy refuses to admit he wrong about spooks no matter what evidence he's presented with. He was just throttled by a 12 foot ghost coming out of a grave which was then destroyed by the probable bolt out of the blue. And his reply ... a coincidence! Stop thinking about it, silly woman!

I'm the most analytically-demand-proof person out there and even I'd have a lot more to say about ghosts after that!

Tom Stein said...

I spoke with Jay Disbrow years ago and told him that R. Crumb used his story The Homecoming, which appeared in Ghostly Weird #124, as an inspiration for his story on Philip K. Dick. Watch the BBC film, The Confessions of R. Crumb, where Crumb is shown drawing his strip with a copy of Ghostly Weird 124 alongside his drawing board! Mr. Disbrow was not aware of this, and thanked me for telling him about it.

Mr. Cavin said...

Huh. The deus ex machina in the second story actually seems to be god. How often can unexpected lightning twist the same plot? I mean, that same guy was struck three different times. Deus hates that guy.

I love the top middle panel of the Unknown Presence's last page. Awesome deadite! Actually, the last two whole pages were wicked extraordinary--even better than Disbrow's excellent norm.

Happy book day! Congrats on your publication Karswell, et al. I can't wait to someday see it for myself. In service to that future I have also skipped today's first story till i can read it in print. Excelsior!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs, Because I value my sanity, alas, i did not read the story titled "Ultimate Destiny".

By the By, I'm trying hard to locate a copy of Haunted Horror #1 but all my local comic shops have never heard of it or they did not order it. Short sighted fools.

cat a. waller said...

linked ya!

Karswell said...

Thanks for all the great comments and support for Haunted Horror #1 everybody-- and hand hurtin' hi 5's to all the webbers and bloggers that participated with the promotion-a-thon on their own sites too! THOIA has the best group of fans and friends on the www!

Dr. Theda said...

I loved the image at the end of that first story....and i do like your New "icon" ... Keep up the Great work.... Dr. Theda

Dr. Theda said...

I had to re-post this great terror tale....Thank you Good Sir...

Jonny Dead said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue, and although I'm late posting it, I've announced Haunted Horror to my readers.

Anonymous said...

Picked this title up and I love it!!! Can't wait for the next issue.

harry lime said...

can pretty much only echo what the other fine folks said in the above comments : wonderful choice of pre code horror goodness. here´s to many more issues to come . thank you guys !