Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beware of the Undead!

Bewaring of the undead is a superb idea, especially this month as May 22nd we'll finally see the newest release in Yoe Books Chilling Archives of Horror Comics collection-- co-edited by Creepy Craig Yoe and yours truly Scary Steve "Karswell" Banes, it's-- ZOMBIES!! (more info at the end of this post.) And to celebrate, THOIA is featuring an entire moldy month of lurid living dead gems, kicking it off with one from Norman Nodel and Vince Alascia from the December 1952 one-shot issue of Diary of Horror #1.

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SpaceLord said...

Great idea: Zombie month.
I see you as the founder of a new calendar. Not January, February, March, but Vampirary, Zombiary, Wolf and so on.
"It happened on the 3rd of Banshee that Karswell posted a..."
(raves on indefinitely)
Looking forward to the book!

Mr. Karswell said...

Haha! Thanks Spaced Lord

Trevir M said...

Well, you know the old saying:

April showers bring May zombies.

Brian Barnes said...

The writing on this thing was pretty bad (many elements just either meant nothing or were placeholders to move the story), but there is one important thing to comment on:

The new Karswell picture.

I'm shocked! He's some kind of long haired hippie! I was reading this blog thinking it was some nice, respectable, upstanding place! Whats next? He's in some kind of devil rock band?

Long haired guitarist have NO place on the internet! :)

Keir said...

The image of the site's host was almost as off-setting as the woman singing 'Minnie the Moocher' with maracas. As for the guy singing about the Dodgers... wha?

Mark B said...

I had to read this one a few times before I appreciated it. "The Mirror of Death!" from this issue set a high bar.

The singing performances are as cringe worthy as any of the following horror.
I feel for poor Tamiko, a misunderstood boy who was possessed by a Martha Stewart type devil. We see him making a rock(?) arrangement on page 3 and he is twice referred to as "crafty".

The three panel witch doctor scene is well done, with the doc all yellow and defeated by the end.

The romantic moonlit waterfall scene on page 5 would usually be used for spousal termination but it'll work with any relative.

The last page is great, with the two right panels delivering the creep factor, in contrasting styles - earthy black inks while the Obeah Men are "alive" versus the lighter line work of the ghostly killers.

Mr. Karswell said...

>April showers bring May zombies

And they May eat your brains!

>He's in some kind of devil rock band?

God forbid!

>The image of the site's host was almost as off-setting

Old picture of me... everybody needs to chillll ouuut.

>had to read this one a few times before I appreciated it.

Haha, really Mark??

Mr. Cavin said...

I really loved the chunky inks here, but was maybe a little less enthusiastic about the scratchier, hastier-looking line work in the contrasting panels. The Obeah Man was plenty spooky though, and the lurid molten colors really laid the atmosphere on nice and thickly. I also really liked those awesome Trinidadian hats everybody's wearing.

I think SpaceLord misspelled "Wolftober". Which would make a great Yoe and Banes anthology, hint hint.

Mr. Karswell said...

>"Wolftober". Which would make a great Yoe and Banes anthology, hint hint.

Man, I could go to the moon (full of course) with stories for that hairy collection idea!

SpaceLord said...

Two things I have to elaborate on.

1: "Wolftober" it is.
And we would need a "Ghouly" of course, maybe "Morgue" for March?!

2: Karswell and I changed hair.
I got his old mane now - and am quite comfortable with it.

Mykal Banta said...

Zombies is a must have. So much so, in fact, I have two copies on pre-order! One for office, one for home! Don't want to be caught needing a story reference one place while I am at the other!

Mr. Karswell said...

Right on, Mykal!