Friday, November 12, 2010

The Dead Men / The Choir Master

We interrupt November's Web of Evil Fest for a quick request and submission from THOIA reader Richard Carlin who wanted to see Stan Lee and John Romita's "The Dead Men" from the March 1953 issue of Spellbound #13. In return Richard has graciously supplied us with Bob Powell's "The Choir Master," a gruesome Harvey tale from the January 1954 issue of Chamber of Chills #21 --thank you Richard! Anyone else have a request, or story scans they'd like to donate too just drop us a line!

(Cover art: Carl Burgos)

(Cover art: Lee Elias)


Diandra said...

Great endings - for the stories, that is.

Turok1952 said...

What sweet and fitting, if predictable, ends for each of these tales.
The thug politician in "The Dead Men" deserved what he got. Where was this, my home town?

And, in "The Choir Master," although the schmucks und yenta who turned their schnozzes up at the man they owed so much to may not have deserved to die for their ingratitude, the stunning ending is a fit and proper reminder that, one, none of us should ever forget where we came from, and, two, that not one of us ever makes it on our own.

Even his dishonor, the late mayor, would perhaps now agree.....

prof. grewbeard said...

excellent art on both stories!

Anonymous said...


Mykal said...

Damn, but I loved that Powell story! Just imagine those shrieking notes! Really mind twisting. I really like Powell's horror stuff better than his war stories done for Atlas' and Harvey's various war titles. His people always looked a bit deformed to me, as though seen reflected in a carnival mirror - perfectly suited to the horror genre.

Frank Forte said...

great art!! really nice work. Love this blog man!!!

smplcv said...

Thrilling stories! Awesome work! Have bookmarked and please sharing few more stories..

Welder CV

Mike H said...

A great double feature!!

Hugo said...

I owned the original Bob Powell art for the Choir Master story for a number of years there. Had to sell it a while back and am sorry I parted with them. I love those old Harvey pre-code stories.

Anonymous said...

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