Wednesday, April 22, 2009

THOIA’s Kitty LeClaw Birthday Special!

The coolest girl I know turns another year older today... and while completely p’shawing her pleas to ignore this fact, I present a triple-header of fast and furry-ous Atlas cat tales in her honour. And please be sure to drop by Killer Kittens from Beyond the Grave today to wish her a purrrrfectly happy one. Plus: I’ll have another killer kitty tale tomorrow--- as well as on Friday! (Very special occasions require very special attention!)

Happy Birthday, Kitty! XO

The Cat’s Meow & The Eerie Escape
Both from the May 1952 issue of Amazing Detective Cases #12



The Fear!
From the August '54 issue of Journey into Unknown Worlds #30

TOMORROW: More mews from the tombs!


Mr. Cavin said...

Occasionally, lightning strikes the very same place five times! It's true! Wonderful art in the first story, and the other two were pretty good too.

Happy Birthday, Miss Leclaw.

todd said...

These were some wild stories! Although I'm desperate to know how lightning continuously strikes a box in a closet in a bedroom in a house.

Anonymous said...

Sekowsky, Krigstein, and Jay Pike in one day!! This almost makes it worth your posting less frequently.... almost.

sfdoomed said...

It was nice to see a heroic cat in the last story since I was getting all worked up after Ralph Halley hit the good doctor's kitty with a cane in the first tale. He's lucky the doctor is mild mannered 'cause I would've beat him with his cane Clockwork Orange style; but he got a snappy karmic ending anyhow.

Nice to have you back, Karswell. Looks like I have to catch up on a few stories from the last couple of weeks!

And Happy Birthday to Kitty!

Kitty LeClaw said...

Three awesome kitty stories, just for me!!! Thank you, Stephen, for getting my day off to a brilliant start!! These stories were just the excuse I needed to refrain from working this morning!

Tonight, I shall partake in your gift of Degrassi High -- truly, the gift that will keep on giving... forever!


prof. grewbeard said...

interesting art on all three stories, especially the second. and best witches to Miss Kitty!

Anonymous said...



The Vicar of VHS said...

"I'm caught in a trap...
I can't walk out..."

Three wild tales today! I love the crazy-eyes on the wife in story 1--and the Floating Exclamation Points over the heads of the onlookers in the last panel are kind of priceless. I wonder if that's where the Sims got the idea? As to the little woman, you have to wonder how she's perfectly okay and reasonable with her husband courting the Dark Forces for untold diabolical powers, but totally freaks out at the sight of a mouse.

That said, hubby was no Mensa member either, obviously--how hard is it *not* to get caught in a mousetrap, really?

The second is probably my fave, with the weird splash (reminding me of Stuart Gordon's adaptation of "Dreams in the Witch House," one of the few good MoH entries), the *awesome* Devil character design, Slimy's complete lack of shock at suddenly finding a 19th Century Dandy in his cell with him, and the abrupt but totally awesome ending. Obviously the Devil had some time to kill and was just screwing with Slimy for kicks. The ol' Cat and Mouse game, a classic.

As to that last one...I hardly know where to begin! 500 bucks is enough to get to Africa and live in style, but also only *just* enough to pay for a funeral. :S And what kind of work is he going to be doing in Africa, anyway? Oh wait, he's gotta be an electrician, naturally. As to the explanation of the cat's seeming invulnerability, I call foul. It'd have been better if he was just a puss in rubber-soled boots.

Okay, maybe not.

Anyway, fun stuff, and happy b-day, Kitty!

Horror pariah said...

U can has Birthday cake?

Karswell said...

Thanks to everyone who commented today, and to all who have commented this month so far too... I apologize myself for being so quiet in the comments, just excruciatingly busy lately, but at least I'm finding the time to get some scans up!

Also wanted to wish Kitty another big happy b-day again... everyone should be extra thankful to her, she's one of the main reasons why THOIA is even still grinding along at our current leisurely pace. Hell, I'd call her my "muse" but it might embarrass her.

Okay, more cat horror tomorrow, and this weekend we fill a request for John Kaminski with another terrific Bob Brandt and the Trouble Shooters Golly Gee Fest. Don't miss!

scary clips said...

You just have to love it!!!!

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