Saturday, July 28, 2007

Witch’s Wicked Words

I’ve been told that the artist of our next story is not Jack Davis… but it’s so much like Jack Davis it’s scary! What I do know is that we have here a really nifty story, a wild blend of hardboiled gangster violence, time travel, and witch craftiness… it’s definitely one of the more entertaining Ace tales, and the noir-ish tough guy talk is totally hysterical. Mostly, I’m just a sucker for any story that ends with a big smokey “BLAM!”

From the December 1954 issue of Hand of Fate #25


Anonymous said...

this does look alot like jack davis stuff...... love when he calls the people witch crazy goons at the end before he kills himself

Karswell said...

If anyone knows who this artist is please let me know. I'm a little short on Ace titles in my slowing growing collection, but I'm also curious to know if this artist appears in any other issues as well.


Anonymous said...

Who says this isn't Davis?

Anonymous said...

Jack Davis says so!

Anonymous said...

It's Larry Woromay, I believe. He worked mostly for Atlas.

Mike H

Brian Barnes said...

Concensus seems to be Woromay. It's amazing how many people were imitating Davis, at least 3 that I can think of, but (and maybe they tried) I don't remember many people doing Ghastly. Modern guys (great in their own light) like Ploog or Wrightson has a lot of Ghastly in them, but I'm not sure who did it during his time at the top.

A good read, I love the sudden time machine!