Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Death in Reflection

Haven't posted anything around here by the great Dick Briefer in awhile, and digging through the Frankenstein files we find a good 'n spooky back-up tale from the February - March 1954 issue of Frankenstein #29, efficiently written and illustrated as only the dynamic Dick could do 'em! I really love stories like this where an unwitting sap just keeps talking to himself and doing things that are slowly but surely sealing his fate, while we the reader just sit back and watch his awesomely predictable demise coming from a mile away...


  1. Hmmmm, I wonder what would happen if I put my head in this old guillotine and pull the lever?

  2. Man, that dude was in checkmate from the first panel. I love how there was no way he could face that she wasn't somehow standing behind him. That's some pretty neat visualization, Briefer. I spent a whole page wondering whether she was going to stab Ellis or his reflection in the back. There was really nothing he cold to about it.

    I think the miasma got to him, frankly. He probably actually crawled into somebody's basement laundry room or something. Couldn't hear the CO2 alarm. Hallucinated the whole thing. Put on all their dirty clothes and crawled into the dryer. Boy are they going to be surprised tomorrow.