Friday, September 28, 2012



Brian Barnes said...

One thing that's great about the Yoe books and the one you did with Yoe, Kars, is the reprints from the original art. I don't know if it's the scanning method, but this looks like it was recreated from the color art. I know it's few and far between, but reprints from the pencil or inked art are usually great treasures.

So many things got lost from printing on poor paper, not even talking about the coloring.

Karswell said...

Most of the mag reprints probably come from the original color versions, it's doubtful any of those minor pubs had access to the original b/w art... thanks for the comments!

the ZODIAC said...

this is the zodiac speaking I remember this fondly reading it back in 1969 in san francisco oh those were the days