Friday, August 29, 2008

Warner's "Best Buy" Horrors

Dr. Phibes just dropped us some cool news courtesy of DVD Drive-InWarner Home Video is releasing a batch of long–awaited 1960’s horror classics on DVD as Best Buy store “exclusives.” October 7th will see the release of Christopher Lee in BRIDES OF FU MANCHU paired with Patrick O’Neal in CHAMBER OF HORRORS. Also, Gig Young, Carol Lynley and Oliver Reed star in THE SHUTTERED ROOM paired with an underrated Karswell golem favorite--- IT! starring Roddy McDowell.

All features will have anamorphic widescreen transfers and retail for $19.98.


Anonymous said...


Tim Tylor said...

I'm having terrible difficulty supressing the thought "Fu, polka dots don't suit you."

Karswell said...


I've been waiting for this FOREVER on dvd. Hell, it's not even avaialble on vhs. Me and Dr Phibes share a crappy old TV print bootleg so this will be the upgrade of the year for at least two of us.

>"Fu, polka dots don't suit you."

The Japanese flag motiff seriously clashes with his Chinese Overlord appeal.