Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wu vs. Fu Manchu

Tonight on TCM, as part of the “Asian Images on Film” series this month come three great “Yellow Menace” mysteries! First up, Lon Chaney and Anna May Wong star in the rare 1927 silent classic Mr. Wu.

And later, Boris Karloff dons the eye make-up and crazy nails in The Mask of Fu Manchu (’32), followed by Christopher Lee’s immortal portrayal of the sinister Chinese warlord in The Castle of Fu Manchu (’68) directed by Jess Franco.

As usual, check TCM for more info and show times in your area. And for more "Yellow Peril" fun, head over to The Hairy Green Eyeball now!

UPDATE: Conflicting info ---according to my satellite schedule, Castle of Fu Manchu is actually NOT airing (despite what it says in my TCM subscription guide.) Instead they're showing Targets starring Boris Karloff.


The Vicar of VHS said...

At first I thought maybe it was "Wu-TANG vs. Fu Manchu"!

Which would, of course, be awesome.

Anonymous said...


Karswell said...

From Wikipedia:

For the hundred-year-old Dr. Wu look, Chaney build up his cheekbones and lips with cotton and collodion. Into his nostrils were inserted the ends of cigar holders and the long fingernails were constructed from strips of painted film stock. He used fish skin to fashion an Oriental cast to his eyes and grey crepe hair was used for the mustache and goatee. The make-up procedures took from four to six hours to apply.

Anonymous said...

why didn't they ever just have a real chinese guy play these roles? too weird

Horror pariah said...

>Why didn't they ever just have a real chinese guy play thses roles?.answer:P-R-E-J-U-D-I-C-E.this happened all the time,Myrna Loy made a career out of this before the Thin Man movies,so did Warner Oland,who you should know from the Charlie Chan movies and as the chinese villain from WEREWOLF OF LONDON,but i think TCM is showing several films which WERE made by and starred rreal asians,i need to check.i usually don't mind unless it gets truly offensive,but it's a sad fact.

Karswell said...

Yes HP, follow this TCM link:


Lots of incredible asian (real and not real) film scheduled for the month of June. Of major interest to me is the Anna May Wong fest on Thurs night, June 5th!

Horror pariah said...

Thanks!forgot you had that link.