Sunday, June 22, 2008

The COMPLETE LOTT D Weekly Round-up

If you’re ever sitting around in your dank crypt wondering what’s going on in the world of horror, (and I mean the TOP NOTCH world of horror), then you need look no further than this list right here. Movies, music, comics, news etc., courtesy of The League of Tana Tea Drinkers. And here's what was on our putrid plates this week...

And Now the Screaming Starts took a disturbing look at stuffed animals, as well as the Criterion Edition of The Equinox!

Arbogast On Film examined the foreign film Calvaire while throwing out some birthday salutes and eulogies.

Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat took an interesting look into the world of modern indie comics.

Blogue Macabre reviewed and disagreed with pretty much everyone I know about The Living Dead in Manchester Morgue.

Drunken Severed Head turned another year older, got a little bit drunker, and delivered a special message from Verne Langdon.

Final Girl made some donuts and set a course for adventure (and murder) on The Death Ship.

Frankensteinia took a truly fascinating look at the genesis of (you guessed it) Frankenstein.

Gloomy Sunday added more wonderfully creepy gothic romance novel covers (this is one of my favorite new blogs) plus reviews!

Gospel of the Living Dead became “The Official Horror Novelist of the Hudson Valley Horrors Roller Derby” and kindly invited everyone to come down to Fangoria NJ this weekend to meet him in person and get an autograph.

Groovy Age of Horror delivered Part 4 in his great “Supernatural Horror” article and took a look at the Kitty Telefair Gothic Series. Plus, kids pissing on a grave!

Horrors Not Dead defended AFI’s horror snub and reviewed Devour and The Happening.

Kindertrauma exposed the horrors of rock band KISS. (And you thought the Gene Simmons sex tape was scary!) Plus The Exterminator, Silent Rage and more!

Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire gave Karswell the sniffles while holding hands with the Vicar of VHS as they tip toed through the tulips of Nazi rape and hunchback dwarves!

Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies shared a birthday with Fulci, pitched a yurt, and guzzled tea and atrocities with Tenebrous Kate and her midget storm troopers of death.

Moon is a Dead World called upon Vampire Callgirls, 99 Coffins, Bloodsucking Fiends and the hopping undead from Hong Kong!

Mystery of the Haunted Vampire got down and Footloose while riding a wave of mutilation and maybe found a severed foot, maybe.

Slasher Speak headed into the wild, and questions weither you’d prefer to die violently at Camp Crystal Lake, or morbidly at Camp Stone Water. Vote now!

Theofantastique harkened back on the life of legendary FX master Stan Winston (R.I.P.)

Tolerated Vandalism reviewed The Orphanage with very little tolerance.

Unspeakable Horror broke the news about the new Vincent Price comic book series coming this fall.

Vault of Horror unleashed Part 4 in his informative “Zombie Movie” article, and gave AFI the middle finger while producing his own worthy TOP 10 list.

Zombos Closet of Horror answered the question: Is the new Hulk movie incredible or not?

I’d also like to say “Welcome again” to the newest LOTT D members… and stay tuned as Zombo and I are currently working on something special for all current members.

Ladies and Gentlemen, to evil!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the round-up! THOIA is the only blog that I visit every day and it's good to take a peek at some of the other ones out there that I'm not familiar with.

Mike H

Karswell said...

Thanks Mike! If you're a fan of horror then every member of the LOTT D has a blog worthy of your attention. Check them out, you may find yourself a new daily destination (after THOIA of course!)

Ryne said...

Thanks for summing up the LOTT D!
It's great to be mentioned on this sweet blog.

Tenebrous Kate said...

Karswell, my darkest cupcake--I do apologize for the sniffle-inducing oversight on my part. I'll never forget to plug you again. This I pledge!

Wait--did that come out wrong...?

protected static said...

Footloose! How could I have missed that one!?

Vince Liaguno said...

Thanks for the shout out! It does appear that 'ole hockey mask is kicking some proverbial butt in this installment of Slasher Clash, leaving crispy-faced Cropsy in the dust at the moment!

Karswell said...

There's nothing like a good pluggin' from the tenebrous oven...