Monday, April 7, 2008

King Kong 75th Anniversary

Today, one of the greatest films of all time celebrates it’s 75th anniversay--- KING KONG! The much beloved classic went into general release in the US on this date in 1933.

Watch it tonight on TCM... click HERE for more info and show times in your area.


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The Vicar of VHS said...

I got to see this on the big screen a couple of years ago, and it was an EVENT. Something I realized then is that the whole "misunderstood teddy bear of a giant ape" interpretation of the film was, at least for me, a result of having seen only TV edits of the flick. In the theatrical cut a few scenes are included that changed my outlook on Kong significantly--for instance, a scene with him grinding a native into the dirt like a cigarette butt, another scene with him ripping a (dummy) victim in half with his teeth, and most of all a scene in NY where he reaches in to the Empire State building, grabs a woman, pulls her outside, sees that she's NOT Fay Wray, and then drops her like a used banana peel. There's a long scene of the woman tumbling down the side of the building, very horrifying--after all, she's a completely innocent bystander.

Kong is still sympathetic--he didn't ask to be taken out of his home, etc., and he does "protect" Fay--but the addition of these scenes makes it clear that he's NOT a big teddy bear--he is a MONSTER, and HE HAS TO BE STOPPED. Much more animalistic in that cut, but no less powerful a film for it.

Another scene I think was cut from my childhood viewings was the scene where Kong is examining Fay when they first meet--he's tearing at her dress to see what it's made of, poking her legs with his finger, etc. At one point he fairly obviously touches her upper thigh, then brings his finger to his nose and SNIFFS it!

I know times have changed since 1931, but I can't imagine they've changed THAT much! :)

Anyway, obviously one of the great films of all time, and a Vicar fave as well. KOOOOOONG!

Dr.Phibes said...

I've always liked the scene of Fay Wray in the water. Hubba,hubba. I can also remember as a kid loving the scenes of Kong fighting the dinosaurs. And now that is my son's favorite scenes too.

Karswell said...

Fay Wray and water are definitely a great combination. I remember seeing KONG chew on the native the very first time I ever saw the movie on TV, early 70's on KPLR... I remember it because every other time it ever aired I was always looking for that scene and it wasn't there, so I guess I thought I just imagined it. Years later after it was reinserted I was very happy. Greatest giant monster movie of all time. Can't wait for my son to see it.

Anonymous said...

My favorite movie ever!!!!!!!!

Horror pariah said...

Can't say anything that hasn't been said,but i do agree with the Vicar about Kong's danger,but he's still awesome,and a lot better role model than the Peter Jackson abortion(sissy!).

Max the drunken severed head said...

The Central Park sequence in Jackson's otherwise fine movie lessened my enjoyment of the film a great deal.


aaaaaaa king kong!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love this film and this Gorilla!

great movie!!!!

hi friendddd

do you know "Marta la Cornacchia"?

Karswell said...

I'm not a big fan of the Jackson remake either. I thought it was a messy headache with some truly embarrassing performances by not only the human actors but also KONG. I tried to watch it again on DVD but just found it boring.

>do you know "Marta la Cornacchia"?

Do you mean this guy?

Todd Franklin said...

Oh man I missed Kong's anniversary. They need to make this a national holiday!