Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Mammoth Book of Best Horror Comics (NEWS)

Nearly 450 pages long, The Mammoth Book of Best Horror Comics arrives in February ’08 from Running Press, and features over 60 classic horror tales of the 50’s, (64 pages in full-color.) This volume also includes modern contributors, and more. Softcover, 6x9, B&W, $17.95


Jo said...

That's quite the book for a small pricetag. Do you know if it's going to be widely available?

Anonymous said...

Looks like this should be good, but the ads for it are contradictory. Some claim it contains over 50 horror stories from various eras, fifties to modern while others claim it contains over 50 stories from the fifties plus modern ones.
I suspect the former is the case. I glanced through the War Comics volume from the same series and it looks like they don't print a full comic page on each page of the book, more like 2-4 panels so 450 pages is not equal to 450 pages of comics, more like 200-300 . Normanton publishes a horror comics fanzine called From The Tomb (generally considered the best such fanzine out there - not that there is much competition) which features a lot of pre-code material (especially Atlas, since the magazine is British and he often relies on Brit reprint series such as those by Alan Class which featured tons of Marvel and Atlas material).

Anonymous said...

Keep posting these books announcements, Karswell!
I'm looking forward to this collection.

But I'm frustrated with the Olypmian news about their Voodoo and Witchcraft collections. I keep writing them emails inquiring when the next volume is due, but I get no response!

Anon E. Mouse

Karswell said...

This book should be widely available once it's out. I took all the info from the newest Previews guide (for items available in Feb '08) so whatever contradictory details there are seem to be coming from Running Press themselves. Their website currently has no information that I can find for this Mammoth collection either.

And as far as Olympian is concerned, the Voodoo collection was supposed to be out last October... I have not seen or heard anything either.

Max the drunken severed head said...

Can't wait to get a copy!

Anonymous said...

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