Friday, December 7, 2007

The Lost Skeleton Returns Again (NEWS)

Fangoria has reported that filmmaker Larry Blamire is reviving his hilariously great tribute (not spoof) of 50’s sci-fi horror films The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra with a sequel! You can read more about it HERE and eventually HERE. If you haven’t seen the original Lost Skeleton yet you better, it’s only the funniest, silliest, cheeseballiest film to come out of Hollywood in the last 10 (or 60) years and rates Karswell’s Highest Squeal of Approval.


Anonymous said...



Karswell said...

We take our horrible mutilations seriously up in these parts.

Anonymous said...

Kick ass this is an awesome movie!! I'd say more but right now I have to go out and and do science.

Dr.Phibes said...

I've seen bears do things even a bear wouldn't do.

I sleep now!

Horror pariah said...

Actually i don't like the idea of a sequel,since skeletons have always been mocking me,ever since i was a boy!,just kidding,i loved it,it parodied everything about classic SF ingeniouly(inseperable married couple,,made-up-element,exotic dancer,sympathetic monster,stupid universal-peace promoting ending),i actually wonder how it would've gone over if it was time-warped back to the '50's,i'll definitely be seeing it.

Karswell said...

There are 16 equally ingenious parodies of Twilight Zone (all directed by Larry Blamire) on youtube called TALES FROM THE PUB, and starring nearly everyone from Lost Skeleton.

Check them out:

I Hear It Too
Meet Beeba!
Message From Beyond
Mind Over Matter
Not Her, Her
Past Life
Puppet For Your Thoughts
The Death Napkin
The Invisible Unseen
The Keychain
The Other Glass
The Premonition
The Return
The Vision
There's Somebody Here

Pappy said...

Larry Blamire wrote and drew some underground comic books in the early 1970s, Blazing Violence, starring a character called The Predator. I stumbled onto his Lost Skeleton movie on cable and wondered, "Is this the Larry Blamire?" Sure 'nuff.