Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Birthday! (NEWS)

The one and only original glamour ghoul hostess of late night 50’s television, actress, model, and friend, born this day in Petsamo, Finland, 1921.

Happy Birthday, Maila "Vampira" Nurmi!


Tricia said...

That's so sweet.

Happy Birthday Vampira!
What a knock out! She looks like Betty Paige's fanged twin sister.

So hot! In a bloodthirsty kinda way ;)

Great! Now I have to spend the rest of the night digging her up on youtube. Sheesh! LOL

On a personal note...
Sorry I've been absent from commenting lately, but life took an unexpected turn and (unwanted) travel came into the picture. I've been reading catch as catch can, but you're such a prolific dungeon master that I'm still way way behind. And more travel is around the corner. Ugh!

I may just have missed it, but I don't see anything here about one of the all-time great Christmas movie horror scenes.

May I make a suggestion?
I think I may have given you this before, but it is a beauty...

Tales From the Crypt (1972)
"All Through the House"

This story is great!

I wonder if they did a comic book version of this?


Have a Merry Macabre xMas!

Chuck Wells said...

Vampira, huh. Activate Plan 9, boys!

Ghoulish greetings of the season to you, Herr Karswell.

You post some terrific stuff here. See you in 2008 - for sure.

Maurizio Ercole said...

Happy Birthday Maila!

Karswell said...

Thanks! Happy Holidays everyone and Happy Birthday Maila!

>Tales From the Crypt movie (1972)
"All Through the House" I wonder if they did a comic book version of this?

Trish: "And All Through the House" was originally published in the Feb-March 1954 issue of Vault of Horror #35. The 1972 movie adaption in Tales from the Crypt is indeed excellent, most people just think of Joan Collins as Alexis on Dallas, but she made alot of British horror films in the 70's like Behind the Cellar Door, Fear in the Night, Dark Places, Tales That Witness Madness, The Devil Within Her and of course Empire of the Ants. Scream Queen turned Bitch Queen... she's definitely one of my favorite actresses.

Anonymous said...



Horror pariah said...

I gotta admit,much as i like Elvira,there's somenthing about Vampira's cool,creepy personality that seems 100 times sexier than Elvira to me. i'd also love to hear how you two met.

Karswell said...

>100 times sexier than Elvira to me

That's because Maila is 100 times sexier, and cooler, and creepier, and more talented than Elvira. Cassandra plays the horror hostess vamp more like a dopier, hornier Up All Night May West. That's not to say it doesn't work, cuz it does, but I have very little respect for her after the awful shit she did to Maila and the TRUE Vampira horror hostess legacy.

>i'd also love to hear how you two met.

I met Maila in early 2000 at a convention in LA. I had been collecting photos of her for years and when I brought them to her to sign apparently I had some rare shots that she didn't even have. We decided to meet on a later date and trade photos and from there we just got chummy. She never had a car so I'd drvie her around to get art supplies and groceries, that sort of thing. I have not seen her though for many years now, and since I've moved back here to MO recently I doubt I ever will again. It's also incredibly hard to get ahold of someone who has never had a phone.

Anonymous said...






Baby, face it, you're an icon for the ages! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!