Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday! (NEWS)

Tom Atkins, tough as nails actor who starred in horror cult classics like The Fog, Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, Creepshow, and Night of the Creeps, born this day in 1935, Pittsburgh, PA.


Anonymous said...

love atkins! a very underated actor, his role in night of the creeps is practically legendary!!

Anonymous said...


Eric said...

I love him in everything he's in!
We just talked about Halloween III recently... awesome.
I love when he yells at his kid for reading EC style horror comics in Creepshow too.. "all that Horror CRAP!"

reminds me of my Dad!

Karswell said...

Hard to believe Tom's 71! People forget that he was also in another John Carpenter classic, Escape From New York (small role though), as well as the creepy made for TV horror classic Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo.


And if you Jekyll & Hyde freaks feel left out, Robert Louis Stevenson turns 157 years young today as well.

Dr.Phibes said...

And you can't forget Maniac Cop. He teams up with Burce Campbell in that one.

Michael said...

He also had the privilege of being one of the many characters to be killed off in HBO's prison drama, OZ. You know, it's a pretty scary show, and of course he was a hardass in it. He played Mayor Wilson Loewen and debuted and exited in the show's final season.

He also looked good getting shot while drinking orange juice in the first Lethal Weapon. But what I'm most impressed by though, is how easily he beds Jamie Lee Curtis in The Fog.

Karswell said...

>Maniac Cop. He teams up with Burce Campbell in that one.

Wow, I didn't know there's a movie with Robert Louis Stevenson teaming up with Burce Campbell?!

Wait, who is Burce Campbell?

Anonymous said...

He's also in Romero's completely forgettable Brusier.

Junker138 said...

Brusier was forgettable what the fuck!!! The movie was was nothing short of amazing as were the perfomances by Jason Flemyng, Peter Stormare and god ol Tom Atkins... Tome is the man rember all his greats
Night of the Creeps
Escape from New york
The Fog
and my favorite Halloween III

Anonymous said...

nah, bruiser is a turd... halloween 3 is okay though

toms best movie is definitely night of the creeps and the fog