Friday, October 26, 2007

The Zombie Factory (NEWS)

This came out last summer but slipped by me until now so I thought I’d better mention it. From IMP, the demented minds that brought you the excellent Monster of Frankenstein book comes a wild collection of classic 70's horror reprints. Count 'em! 27 gruesome tales from the black and white pages of TERROR TALES, TALES FROM THE TOMB, TALES OF VOODOO, and THE WITCHES' TALES! AIEEEEEEE!! It's great stuff, and thanks again to Awesome Ed Robinson for sending me a copy too!

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Anonymous said...

So this is all Eerie mag reprints? I have a few of those and there really kick ass.

Karswell said...

I haven't figured out if any of the stories are "remakes" of 50's pre-code stories yet but will let you know if I do.

Anonymous said...

Back when i was a kid in the late 60's early 70's i thought that most of these comics were second rate because i was spoiled by Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella.The art and stories were just too sloppy and amatuerish.Now that i think of all the copies of these i could have bought 10 for a dollar at the flea markets i regret not snatching them up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karswell, because of your blog site, I just plopped down $40 on the Frankentstein book and the Zombie Factory!!!
Can't wait to receive them!

~John Angelo AKA Anon E. Mouse

Anonymous said...

Here's the ones that I know of that are remakes/reprints:

Ghouls Graveyard is a remake of Custodian of the Dead (Beware Terror Tales 1, 1952, Fawcett) - also reprinted by Charlton as Caretaker of the Dead in This Magazine is Haunted 18

A Jury of Skeletons is a remake of Corpses of the Jury (Voodoo #5, 1953, Ajax)

Eerie Bones is reprinted from Haunted Thrills #4 (Ajax, 1952)

Careless Corpse is reprinted from Fantastic Fears #2 (Ajax, 1953)

Nighmare Mansion is reprintd from Haunted Thrills #3

The Strange Friend is a remake of The Lonely (Black Cat Mystery #48, 1954, Harvey)

Zombie Bride is an Ajax reprint but I don't know the source

Anonymous said...

ohhhh...nice! This is EXACTLY what I was look for this Haloween!

Thanks for the info Karswell - your blog is awesome!

Karswell said...

No problem... and thanks to the guy with the remake info! Was that you Anti Atlas?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that was me.

Info taken from a spreadsheet I'm building of all pre-code horror stories (stories, not just issues - and it includes stories from issues that weren't totally horror - like the Vault Kepper and Crypt keeper stories that appeared in War Against Crime and Crime Patrol).

For each story it has issue it appeared in, writer/artist credits, where it is avaiable as a bronze age reprint etc.

Also has cover credit info, a tab for non-story specific art credits (as in overstreet - so I can calculate totals like which artists were most prolific [by company and overall], which worked for the most companies, how many original stories each company did etc).

Oh and a tab for pre-1950 stuff that I didn't include that is arguably horror (like Dr. Occult who 1st appeared in New Fun Comics #6 WAY back in 1935).

I should be done with the initial stab in a few days (finishing up Atlas).

I took all the info I could find from GCD, Lone Star Comics, Mile High, Ebay, magazine articles, the few originals I have etc. GCD is nice but doesn't give me the stats/sorting ability I want and the reprint info is spotty at best.

Should have about 6,000 stories when I'm done.
Might need a place to share it when I'm done. Maybe it could be a collaborative effort and others could fill in the blanks.

I have another spreadsheet of all pre-1990 horror stories as well but that's just so I can rate 'em as I read 'em.

Karswell said...

What are you're plans with this when it's done? A website, a book?