Friday, August 10, 2007

Vampira (VIDEO)

Excerpt from the opening sequence of The Vampira Show (1954), edit taken from the only known footage to still exist. For more info on Vampira visit her official website at


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Karswell said...

If there's one person on the planet who remains the living female embodiment of "pre-code horror" then Vampira takes first place. She's the true Queen of All Horror Hostesses.

And here's an odd coincidence: The Vampira Show lasted exactly one year on TV, from April 1954 to April 1955, and was eventually kicked off the air around the same exact time that horror comics were getting crucified by Fredric Wertham and his idiotic band of senate subcommitee witch hunters. Is there a connection?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh,first woman i ever really loved,even with that waist of hers,she was still better looking than most "normal" people,and most people are surprised to hear that she based her look on Morticia rather than the other way around,i am surprised she never got to host a comic book(while Boris Karloff did for years,it was because DELL and GOLD-KEY never subscribed to the code because of their "clean" titles)but it would probably have been short lived,unfortunately,just like VAULT OF HORRORS Drusilla.

Karswell said...

Charles Addams earliest New Yorker strips featuring the "Morticia" character were published as far back as 1939, The Vampira Show didn't air until 1954 so it's obvious that Maila was inspired by Morticia and not the other way around. She's even told me this many times herself.

Anonymous said...

This clip just took my breath away! Are you also hinting that there's more footage from this than just the youtube excerpt?

Karswell said...

The entire surviving footage is actually about 4 minutes long. What you see here is just the minute long opening sequence, there's also a bit of her sitting on her love seat smoking a cig and talking about that night's movie, electric chairs etc... it's short but amazingly well written and acted. To finally witness Maila in full-on Vampira mode and talking and doing what she was REALLY famous for (not just silently stumbling around in Plan 9) I can honestly say that having see it I can die happy now.

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